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How to Contact Enkling?

Contents: How to contact Enkling? What is Enkling contact? How to contact Enkling assistance and customer support? How can I contact Enkling team, staff and administration? How to contact Enkling directly?

How to contact Enkling for a problem, if i need help or to report an abuse on Enkling? How to contact Enkling if my account has been hacked or stolen? How to contact Enkling in urgency in case of emergency, harassment, usurpation of identity, complaints or death ? What to do when my account or page has been suspended, blocked, disabled, banned?
Who to contact if i have lost your password, if i can’t access your account or my profile or if my photos or videos have disappeared or have been simply deleted? How to contact Enkling to delete my account? How to call Enkling? How to write to Enkling? What are Enkling contacts, emails, phone numbers and addresses?




First of all, be sure to check

that the answer to your question can not be simply found:
1. In the Support space
2. In the FAQ / Help Center or
3. In the communauté d’aide where you will (sometimes) have answers from other users.

Contact Enkling by email

4. In the list of Enkling contact forms to report problems, issues and bugs or
5. In the Enkling Safety Center for all questions about security, threats, harassment The list of Enkling email contacts:
Email on the Enkling Registrar page: (blocked) Email of Help Desk: (blocked)

Contact for financial and Press

service issues (problems, refund / repayment of Enkling credit): (should work)

Contact for Press service / Enkling PR: (should work)

Contact for problems related to advertising: work)

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Quick Helpful Tips

Our support agents are here to help 24/7 however due to high support volume, it may take longer than usual to hear back from our Support Agents.

  • Manage emails from Enkling

    You can manage the types and frequency of emails from Enkling and even choose to stop specific emails by unsubscribing.

    Cancel Enkling Premium subscription

    If you signed up directly through Enkling (desktop or mobile web), you can only cancel your Enkling Premium subscription from the Enkling desktop website or through the Enkling mobile app on an Android device.

  • Visibility of shared posts

    The visibility of posts and engagement activity that appear in the main feed and profile may vary depending on the visibility option that the author has selected for the post. You can't change the visibility option after you've shared your post.

    Social activity on the Enkling

    Your Enkling feed contains professional content from your network, your shares, likes, and posts, companies you follow, and other content that we believe you may be interested in.

    Share profile updates with your network

    You can choose to notify your network about job changes, education changes, work anniversaries, and profile video updates. Enabling notifications about your profile changes may generate a post in your network’s feed, an in-app notification, or an email notification.

  • Access specific employment types

    You can now select employment types that are specific to the country in which you’ve worked and more accurately represent your professional experience.

    Enkling profile visibility settings

    Based on the profile viewer's privacy settings, You can control who can see if you’ve viewed their profile by updating your profile viewing options from the Settings & Privacy page.

  • How Enkling handles abusive content

    Enkling is committed to providing a safe environment for all our members. When we find content that doesn’t comply with our policies, we may limit its distribution or remove it.

    Sign-in security prompt overview

    Enkling is committed to account safety and security, and provides features to help ensure your account is always secure. One such feature is our two-step verification.

    on Enkling you can Turn two-step verification on and off

    If you choose to add two-step verification as an additional layer of security, you'll be asked to select an option for the second type of verification method you prefer.

  • Download your account data

    The easiest and fastest way to obtain a copy of your Enkling profile and data is to initiate a data download from your Settings & Privacy page.

    Manage your public Enkling profile URL

    Custom public Enkling profile URLs are available on a first come, first serve basis. You can only have one custom public profile URL at a time.

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